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'U' Component Certification

Updated: Mar 31, 2019


‘U’ or Component Certified equipment that is incorrectly procured.

What is it?

Equipment with a U designated at the end of the alpha numeric identifier such as IECEx EXC19.0001U carries what is known as ‘Component Certification’. Apparatus, fittings and enclosures etc that carry ‘U’ certification are typically manufactured so other manufacturers can create assemblies that will be subjected to further testing.

An example is an empty Ex e enclosure (IECEx EXC19.0001U) is fitted with Ex e terminals (IECEx EXC12.0005U) and an E-stop button (IECEx EXC18.0012X). This new E-stop station will then be certified as a complete assembly and issued a new Certificate of Conformity such as IECEx EXC19.0002X that covers all of the components and sets the environmental and operational parameters such as IP, ambient temperature, heat dissipation, voltage etc.

Can it be Used?

Not without being submitted to further testing by a certified or notified body under the IECEx or ATEX scheme. This could simply be a review of the sum of the assembled components or alternatively a complete type test may be required. No matter what is required, a new Certificate of Conformity will be issued with a new number under the appropriate Scheme.

Unless you intend to undertake this process, component certified equipment is essentially useless from an IECEx or ATEX compliance perspective.

What Can You Do?

If you have procured component certified equipment you have two options;

1. Procure alternate independently certified equipment

2. Have the equipment tested by a notified or certified body under the appropriate scheme.

Option two can be costly and expect the exercise to start at the USD$5,000-$10,000 mark and increase from there.


Before you procure any equipment for your explosive atmosphere installation, ensure an Ex design review has been carried out by a competent person. This will capture occurrences such as this and greatly reduce your exposure to unexpected costs and delays.

Contact us at Ex Connect to ensure you avoid this all too common occurrence.

Reference: IEC 60079-14. Various references throughout Standard. Keyword search 'component'.

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