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Our Expertise

Ex Connect provides accurate, detail orientated and cost effective solutions to industry. We work with people and companies who share our 'Do it Properly' ethos and we take great pride in providing our services. 
Ex Compliance

Specializing in the practical application of the IEC 60079.14 and IEC 60079.17 set of Standards and all of their international iterations, Ex Connect are experts in their compliance. Whether it's assistance with zone classification, package design, equipment selection or installation, we will ensure you are in compliance with the applicable Standards. 

We cover Zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22 and EPL Ga, Gb, Gc, Da, Db & Dc and all equipment protection techniques. 


Lead Auditor certification combined with technical and industry specific expertise, Ex Connect will provide Quality Assurance and Control services ranging from;

  • Audits 

  • Vendor management

  • Vendor assessments

  • SQS inspection

  • Factory Acceptance Testing

  • Commissioning

  • Hold Point witnessing

  • Standards compliance

  • Project engineering specification compliance 

  • Document creation and review

  • Expediting


Ex Inspection

Ex Connect will perform any level of explosive atmosphere inspection required. 

Be it an initial detailed inspection conducted prior to release for shipping or in-progress inspections during fabrication and assembly, we will provide you with accurate, Standards based feedback delivered in a pragmatic and referenced manner. 

We pride ourselves on undertaking inspections that provide value to you and your project. 

AS/NZS 3000

USA based Ex Connect staff hold and maintain unrestricted Australian Electrical Licenses. We have extensive experience working with and applying AS/NZS 3000 and know first hand where international supply chains can fall short on compliance. 

We conduct regular Standards reviews and subscribe to numerous industry publications to ensure we are kept up to date on industry developments. 

We also provide guidance, training and instruction on installation best practice and what is required to comply with the Australian Standards. 

Electrical & Instruments

We are seasoned specialists is electrical and instrumentation equipment inspection and testing. We have traveled the globe working with everyone from the largest OEM's to small family companies. 

  • High Voltage Equipment

  • Low Voltage Equipment

  • Instrumentation

  • Control

  • Metal Clad Switchgear

  • HV/LV Circuit Breakers

  • HV/LV Motors

  • Switchyards

  • HV/LV Transformers 500VA - 800MVA

  • Base Load and Peak Load Power Generation 1MW-750MW and all ancillary equipment - Coal and Gas

  • Gas Turbines

  • Steam Turbines

  • Gas compressors

  • Centrifugal Air Compressors 

  • Valves

  • Gas processing skids - Separators, Coalescers, Nitrogen Generators, Metering Skids etc

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